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AdventureQuest (also referred to by its website name BattleOn or abbreviated to AQ) is an online Flash-based single-player role-playing video game started in 2002 and currently developed by Artix Entertainment. As of March 5, 2019,, the game's hosting website, and, the game's homepage, have an Alexa rating of 54,521.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Easy Health Potions:
To get 10 Health Potions, click on Twilly, then on "The Frogzard Hunter!"
and do the third part of the quest. After you kill the mosquito and the Trog,
the Trog will give you 10 Health Potions. You can then either complete the
rest of the quest using these potions, or flee from the next battle with them.

Pet Rock:
Go to Warlic's magic shop. Click the candle in the top left and
drag it to the chest and you will get the pet rock. He does earth
damage, and if you give it to Valencia, she will give you a travel pass.

Change name / stats down:
to change your name or put your stats down die.
then when the reeper comes up click the hourglass on the bottom
of his robe he will give you a walk around quest. on it go into
the purple swirly thing.if you are in a graveyard click the
gravestone.a guy come up and you have to lose the battle to
lower your stat. if twilly comes up then you can change your
name. sometimes other stuff might come up just go along with it
and then try again.

Mouse Hole:
Go to Yulgar's Inn and click the more button & you will see two
people and a shelf with a potion click the potion and drink it &
you will shrink to a size of a mouse and go inside a mouse hole

To find the secret pit go to Battleon and click around on the
ground in front of Yulgar's Inn. The crusor will change to a
hand when you find it. Then just click.

Easy money lvls 1-10:
Just keep reapiting the tutorial with Twilly and you'll gane
lots of experience and get Twilly as a guest fighter. He also
heals you for a special.

Hidden hole:
At the main town, there is a hole that is hidden. Click to the left
of the button that reads "Battle Monsters". You will be asked if you
want to go down. The monsters in the hole are somewhat strong.
Do not go down if you are below level 15.
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