AI War: The Zenith Remnant Cheats Guide

AI War: Fleet Command is a real time strategy computer game created by independent developer Arcen Games. The game was first released on the Arcen Games website and Impulse on June 2, 2009, before getting a Steam release on October 16, 2009 that coincided with the release of version 2.0. AI War blends the 4X, tower defense, and traditional RTS genre to create something that was hailed as unique but with a steep learning curve. Players go up against two artificial intelligence (AI) opponents that are superior to the player. The objective is to destroy the home planets of both AI opponents.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Enable the "Cheats" checkbox in the options, then start the game.
Press [Enter] during game play to display the chat window.
Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding
cheat function. The word "(CHEAT)" will appear after the code
to confirm correct code entry.
advanced fat - +1 Advanced Factory
ohm - +1 Armored Golem
shinra - +1 Artillery Golem
teensy - +1 Black Widow Golem
zombie bots - +1 Botnet Golem
busted ohm - +1 Broken Armored Golem
busted shinra - +1 Broken Artillery Golem
busted teensy - +1 Broken Black Widow Golem
busted zombie bots - +1 Broken Botnet Golem
busted curse me - +1 Broken Crused Golem
busted and the hegemon - +1 Broken Hive Golem
busted its a troll - +1 Broken Regenerator Golem
core of the star - +1 Core Starship
curse me - +1 Cursed Golem
and the hegemon - +1 Hive Golem
bomb the stars - +1 Mark IV Bomber Starship
activate the omega - +1 Omega Drive
its a troll - +1 Regenerator Golem
engies - +10 Mark II Engineers
energize - +10 Zenith Power Generators
give me k - +10,000 Knowledge
get angry - +100 AI Progress
crystal goblet - +100,000 Crystal
metal head - +100,000 Metal
armor em - +5 Armored Missiles
core cruisin - +50 Core Battle Cruisers
i love leeches - +50 Core Leeches
just cruisin - +50 Cruisers
bombs away - +50 Mark IV Bombers
fight or flight - +50 Mark IV Fighters
be peaceful - -100 AI Progress
i can see my house - All planets scouted
more more more - No ship cap
spawn vagabonds - Human Marauder incursion on current planet
the conners - Human Resistance on current planet spawn
invoke unicron - Zenith Devourer Warps to Current Planet
go go trade pact - Zenith Traders warp to current planet
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for AI War: The Zenith Remnant free online.

Game description

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Game Developer:
Arcen Games
Game Genre:
Real-time Strategy
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
Arcen GamesDesigner(s)Christopher M. Park