Alien Carnage Cheats

Alien Carnage, originally released as Halloween Harry, is a side-scrolling platform game developed by Interactive Binary Illusions and SubZero Software, and distributed by Apogee Software. The game features 256-colour VGA graphics and background music in MOD format. Alien Carnage is composed of four episodes. The first episode was released as shareware, and the rest were distributed commercially. In May 2007, John Passfield and 3D Realms released Alien Carnage as freeware. In 2014, the game was re-released with Windows support.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Cheat Codes
+ Customer Cheat - Pressing [B] [I] [G] all at the same time will give you
full health and jet pack power.

+ Debug mode - The following debug keys work for version 1.1 of Halloween
Harry only:

[Ctrl] [R] [E] [N] - Gives you all weapons, and activates
God mode for several seconds.
[Alt] [L] - Level warp. Type the number of the
episode (1-4), followed by the number of
the level (1-5). Illegal input will dump
you to DOS. This can not be used in the
shareware version to access levels in the
Registered version.
[Alt] [=] - Change location within a level. Type
coordinates after this code; illegal
input will probably crash the game.

+ Tech Parameter - Pressing these four keys at the same time will show you
the coordinates you are at on the level. This serves no
real function on its own, but it is used by Apogee's Game
Hint Line sometimes to locate a player in a level.
The keys are [Ctrl] [ALT] [rshift] [F12]

+ Misc Command Line Parameter - "skip" will start the game directly from the
main menu.
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Game description

DOS, Windows
Game Developer:
Interactive Binary Illusions/SubZero Software
Game Genre:
Side-scrolling platform game
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Apogee Software