Asghan: The Dragon Slayer Cheats on PC

Asghan: The Dragon Slayer is a fantasy-themed hack-and-slash action role-playing video game developed by Silmarils and released in December 1998. Players take on the persona of Asghan, a warrior prince who swears to avenge the death of his father by dragons. The game is praised for smooth integration of action and role-playing elements as well as a wide array of enemies and weapons. It suffers, however, from lacking character development and awkward controls.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Health can be hex searched by
xx 00 2C 01 and arrows by 02 00 02 00 xx.

Memory addresses (add 143000):B1C
- Green health bar (100)B20
- Gold (50)B22
- Life potions (5)5BA
- Apples (5)5C8
- Bottles of rum (5)794
- Normal arrows (50)796
- Magic arrows (50)798
- Multiple arrows (50)79A
- Explosive arrows (50)79C
- Spiked balls (50)

Save game addresses (add 2100):1028
- Health102C
- GoldAB8
- Life potionsAC6
- ApplesAD4
- bottles of rumCA0
- Normal arrowsCA2
- Magic arrowsCA4
- Multiple arrowsCA6
- explosive arrowsCAE
- Spiked balls
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Microsoft Windows
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Grolier Interactive