Atlantis 2 Cheats

Atlantis II, known as Beyond Atlantis in North America, is a 1999 graphic adventure game developed and published by Cryo Interactive. The sequel to Atlantis: The Lost Tales, it follows the story of Ten, a mystical being that travels across time to defeat the Bearer of Dark. Players assume the role of Ten and solve puzzles in locations such as Ireland, the Yucat√°n Peninsula of Mexico and China.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Search for the following sentence in the file ATLANTIS2.LOG
on your hard disc drive: "mandalas"

You'll find a section such as this:

Solution Mandalas
Mandala 1 : numero 4
Mandala 2 : numero 6
Mandala 3 : numero 5
Mandala 4 : numero 1
Mandala 5 : numero 3
Mandala 6 : numero 2

This is the solution for one of the final puzzles, in which
you're supposed to click the curtains in the order in which
you placed the mandalas on the disc during the game.
If you don't remember this order, you'll try forever figuring
it out.
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Game description

Windows, Mac OS, iOS
Game Developer:
Cryo Interactive
Game Genre:
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Cryo Interactive (Europe) DreamCatcher Interactive (North America)