Battlecruiser Millennium Cheats

Battlecruiser 3000AD is a science fiction video game, noted for its long, troubled development history.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
BCM Cheat Command:
In order to activate these cheats you must first type "/cheat"
(no quotes) at the end of the command when the game is opened
in either the "run" box, command promt, or shortcut command line.
Like so :
"C:Program Files3000ADBattlecruiser Millenniumbcm.exe/cheats"

take care if you use these cheats! These are somwhat delecate
as once the command line (/cheat) is entered and may be accidentally

Destry Target:
Alt+X. Designate the object as your target in tascan,press v to put
it in the cvd and then ALT+X to make it explode. you can also do this
with an F10 camera view of the target.

Advance time(1 min):
press SHIFT+T to advance time one minute. hold it to advance quickly.

Advance Time(10 mins):

Speed Booster:
as long as you have engaged your thrust profile, use the afterburner
or reverse retro (~ and Tab respectively) to get "super acceleration"

Leave Planet:
"O" key now works at any altitude/elevation

Return to Asset:
Press Esc while in first person mode to go back to your main asset
whatever it may be, (battlecruiser for commander, fighter for EF pilot,
ATV for infantry, etc.)

HSD artifact:
Allows instant warping anywhere. On the left hud click the LOC icon/text
and choose your destination.

Fleet C&C:
Fleet C&C is now enabled. Consult the manual for usage details.

Asset Generator:
Click on the Asset Menu text on the right of the hud to enable a menu
allowing generation of any asset in front of your current position

These cheats were added in a patch and only work with v1.08 RC36 or
later. This patch came out and is available from the 3000ad website
as of - 03.04.03

Enter the command line parameter /cheat to the shortcut destination
or command in the "run" box to enable the following cheats.


Destroy any target at will. To use, target the object in the TACSCAN,
press V to view it in the CVD and press ALT+X to destroy it.
Can also be done from F10 external camera view. If you use this
command without a valid target, you will destroy yourself!

elapse 1 min of game time. Keep pressed for rapid time advancement.
It is possible to activate the tractor beam (T) by accident when
using this command.

as above but elapses 10 mins of game time.

Speed Boost:
If you have a speed factor set e.g. 1-9, you can gain a very large
speed boost by keeping the finger either on the afterburner (~) or
retro-rockets (TAB) key.

Planetary Egress:
O will allow you to leave the planet at any altitude.

Immediate asset switch:
ESC while in fp mode will put you back in your primary asset
regardless of where you are.

HSD artifact:
The artifact allows you to jump from region to region without ever
having to fly there. To use, look on the left side of the HUD for
the LOC text and left-click on it. This will activate a menu showing
the systems and regions. Select a desired destination and the ship
will immediately be warped there.

Fleet C&C :
This gives you command of any NPC asset in the game world, including
stations. To use, simply go to TACOPS and either use the zoom-to menu
or select an NPC on the map and you will see an orders menu for that
NPC as if they were your assets. e.g. you could order a station to
launch some carriers to escort or defend you. Then give those carriers
their own orders later on.

Asset menu:
The asset menu on the right side of the screen allows you to create
any asset in front of you. Simply left-click on the text to activate
the menu and go from there.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Battlecruiser Millennium free online.

Game description

MS-DOS, Windows
Game Developer:
3000 AD
Game Genre:
Space trading and combat simulator
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
Battlecruiser 3000AD NA: