Bid for Power Cheats, Easter Eggs

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Note: Bid For Power is a total conversion for Quake III

A few BFP settings:
* g_basepl [1-999] : set the starting power level
from one thousand to one mil.
* cg_kitrail [0-99] : set the length of the ki trail.
0 turns it off.
* cg_crosshairhealth [0/1]: turn on or off the feature that
makes the crosshair turn red when
you score a hit.
* cg_lightauras [0/1] : turn on or off the aura dynamic lights.
* cg_lightexplosions [0/1]: turn on or off the explosion dynamic lights.
* cg_drawKIWarning [0/1] : turn on or off the low ki warning.
* cg_chargeupAlert [0/1] : turn on or off the "ready" message when
charging attacks.
* cg_stfu [0/1] : disable character voices when firing attacks.
* cg_lowpolysphere [0/1] : force the use of a lower polycount sphere.
* cg_explosionShell [0/1] : turn on or off the explosion shell.
* cg_drawOwnModel [0/1] : toggle first person between traditional
and vis mode.
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