Big Bang Bar Hack Cheats

Capcom Coin-Op was a pinball manufacturer, a wholly owned subsidiary of Capcom USA, which was founded in June 1995 and closed in December 1996. It developed and sold pinball and arcade game machines and converted games for the US market. Based in Sunnyvale, California and Arlington Heights, Illinois, the company developed six pinball machines over the course of its short existence, though only four ever made it to release. Mark Ritchie and Python Anghelo were designers that Capcom Coin-Op managed to poach from Williams Electronics for their tables. Of the company's machines, Big Bang Bar acquired a legendary[citation needed] reputation because of its quality and the fact that its design was completed but the company folded before it was mass-produced. In 2006, Illinois Pinball Company manufactured 187 Big Bang Bar pinball machines which they manufactured using parts purchased from Capcom Pinball when they ceased operating. Illinois Pinball Company did not purchase any rights of Capcom Pinball and manufactured the games assuming the rights for the game were abandoned. No objections were ever filed in response to the Illinois Pinball production of the Big Bang Bar games. In 2009, Gene Cunningham sold his remaining Capcom parts to a company located in Georgia, Pinball Inc. In 2011, Gene Cunningham declared personal bankruptcy and all his shares of Illinois Pinball were purchased by Planetary Pinball of California.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Easter Eggs:
During the match animation (if it is turned on)
an alien will 'barf up' the number.

During attract mode, hitting Start (S) Left (L)
Right (R) in the following sequences will display
secret messages. SLRSLR, SLRSLLR,
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Big Bang Bar free online.