Black & White 2 Cheats, Guide

Black & White 2 is a video game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Electronic Arts released in October 2005. It is the sequel to 2001's Black & White. A Mac OS X port was released in January 2009, and released for download via the Mac App Store in November 2014. The game blends real-time strategy and god game elements.
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Control the Lionhead logo:
In the original Black And White you were able to control the
opening logo for Lionhead. Lionhead Studios has brought this back.
When you begin the game, you can fool around with their physics
engine and left click on the box that fills up with beads; and
pull it away or up or down; or do whatever else desired. When
you are ready to continue with the game, release the box and wait
for the screen to change.

Replenishing platoons:
It is possible to replenish your platoons with female villagers
(if the villager at the top of the hand multi-pickup group is male
and you hold down with the action button), while only male villagers
will form platoons. This effectively increases your military population.
They will appear just like normal villagers while in the platoon,
but will have the relevant equipment to the platoon.
Note: This has only been tested with Greek melee infantry.

Full Storehouse:
If you use the Life Miracle on your Storehouse, it will become full.
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Game description

Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Game Developer:
Lionhead Studios Robosoft Technologies (Mac OS X)
Game Genre:
Real-time strategy, god game
Game Mode:
Game Publisher: