Boiling Point: Road to Hell Cheat Codes & Walkthroughs for PC 

Boiling Point: Road to Hell is a video game developed by the Ukrainian game studio Deep Shadows and published in 2005 by Atari. Boiling Point's gameplay is a combination of open world, FPS, and role-playing video game mechanics. Critical response upon its release was, with few exceptions, lukewarm. This was attributed to the many technical issues that plagued the game's release: bugs, glitches and choppy performance. Patches have been released that address many, but not all, of these deficiencies. Deep Shadows released a successor in 2009 called White Gold: War In Paradise, and another game with the same engine called The Precursors.

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Type one of the following cheatcodes at the console:
addarmor ## - Add More Armor
addhealth ## - Add More Health
addammo ## - Adds More Ammo
where ## is number from 1 to 99.
Unlimited gas for Cars:
Press and hold the [Z] key to turn off engine while driving.
The car is still driving but no gas is used.
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Game description


Microsoft Windows

Game Developer:

Deep Shadows

Game Genre:

Role-playing first-person shooter

Game Mode:


Game Publisher: