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Burn Cycle (stylized as Burn:Cycle) is a 1994 surrealist cyberpunk point-and-click adventure video game for the CD-i that incorporates full motion video. The game's star, Sol Cutter, is a computer hacker and small-time data thief whose latest steal at the beginning of the game comes with a nasty sting. The Burn Cycle virus has been implanted in his head and has given him a two-hour real-time deadline to find a cure before his brain deteriorates completely. The player must guide Sol out of Softech and into the Televerse in order to find his cure. Various obstacles and games stand in his way, and there is the overarching realisation that Burn Cycle has been planted by someone with malicious intent. Finding this within the time limit completes the game.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
When you get your mind sent into the televerse, hit the comport. Next go to
nirvana & listen to the monk. Enter your own mind, listen to all the pictures.
Return to the monk, move his tree around, touch the leaf with the bad guy's
evil laugh. At this point you need to center the mouse pointer into theenter
of his forehead and click.

Reflector Puzzle at the Fusion Link:
Move the first reflector so that it reflects the
beam to the next blue line, and then bounces off THAT
line to the next, and to the NEXT: all four get "buzzed".

The other two thingees don't need to be involved in
your virtual pool shot, although I imagine that they
could be if you wanted to make it complicated...just
move 'em down to the right in a neat triangle shape!

Lockbreaker Puzzle:
Use the #4 Red and then the #4 Green.
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Game description

CD-i, Mac OS, Windows
Game Developer:
Game Genre:
Interactive film Point-and-click adventure
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Philips Interactive Media