Carrier Strike Cheats

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The scenarios in Carrier Strike roughly reflect the changing strengths
of the US and Japan as the war progressed tilting the balance of power
increasingly towards the US as the game continues. In the campaign
the Japanese should aim to destroy the US carriers as quickly as possible
because in 1940 the US has only six carriers against Japan's ten.

Using large numbers of bombers in a few attacks is more effective
than using a couple or three bombers at a time in wave after wave
of attack. It takes about 50 bombers with 500lb bombs or torpedoes
to sink an aircraft carrier - the same amount of ordnance can inflict
heavy damage on two carriers but if you're playing Japan you're at a
bit of a disadvantage because the US flak has a larger range. A small
compensation for this is that the Japanese forces have the wind behind
them which means Japanese carriers don't have to manoeuvre into the
correct position to enable the planes to take off.
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