Castle of the Winds Cheats and Secrets

Castle of the Winds (also known as "Castle of the Winds: Vanquish the Dark Forces") is a tile-based roguelike video game for Microsoft Windows. It was developed by Rick Saada in 1989 and distributed by Epic MegaGames in 1993. The game was given around 1998 into the public domain and provided as Freeware download by the author. Though it is secondary to its hack and slash gameplay, Castle of the Winds has a plot loosely based on Norse mythology, told with setting changes, unique items, and occasional passages of text. The game is composed of two parts: A Question of Vengeance, released as shareware, and Lifthransir's Bane, sold commercially. A combined license for both parts was also sold.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
This is what you need to do to get a very high Constitution:
(1) Use the magic arrow spell.
(2) Keep using it even if you are out of mana.
(3) Stop using it when you see that your Maximum and Current hit
points have gone up.
(4) Check your Character's Constitution!
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Game description

Windows 3.x
Game Developer:
SaadaSoft (Rick Saada)
Game Genre:
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Epic MegaGames