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Command & Conquer (C&C) is a real-time strategy (RTS) video game franchise, first developed by Westwood Studios. The first game was one of the earliest of the RTS genre, itself based on Westwood Studios' influential strategy game Dune II and introducing trademarks followed in the rest of the series. This includes full-motion video cutscenes with an ensemble cast to progress the story, as opposed to digitally in-game rendered cutscenes. Westwood Studios was taken over by Electronic Arts in 1998 and closed down in 2003. The studio and some of its members were absorbed into EA Los Angeles, which continued development on the series.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
( C&C )
Build a WALL around you or your enemy. The computer can't get around
sandbag walls! (don't block in your harvester!) If the enemy base is
nearby, build a wall from your base to his, and block off his entrance.
That way, his harvester can't get in or out, and you're free to build
an army on your side.

Build a decent army, put some engineers into an APC, run the entire
force into their camp, with APC's in back park the APC near the
buildings, unload the engineers, and tell the engineers to take over

Are you running out of silos? Don't have enough room to build another
one? Think they are a waste of time & money? WELL THEY ARE! When
your harvester comes in, start building a big building, like a
refinery. When its done, or the harvester stops, sell the building,
and look at your refinery, it'll be empty, and you'll have all your

Hold down CTRL and then you can attack almost anything including
civilians and your own stuff, put about 10 grenadiers near a bridge
behind cover if possible and tell them all to bomb the middle of the
bridge and any foot soldier that comes through gets nailed. Your troops
also don't lose their ambush spot by moving closer to the enemy.
Use a hex-editor for your saved game. Change decimal positions
from 1412 to 1414, to FF FF FF. Then find the first word COMPUTER.
From this location go back 70 bytes. Change the new position to FF FF FF.
If you're playing NOD do the same with the second word COMPUTER.
In both cases you'll get over 16 millions.

If you want nukes to fire then you have to get the crates on levels
6,10,and 12.

You can build anywhere on the map. (note: this will not work with V1.19)
Build want you want but don't place it. Select any unit then click on
the side-bar so the placement grid appears. Place the grid to the left
of the screen then move the cursor onto the sidebar. If you did it
right the grid will still be frozen on screen. Then simply click on
the Com. Centre map to build it.

When playing multiplayer, try and always pick up crates with an APC.
If you chance upon the cloaking device. It's practically curtains
for the poor sucker(s) your playing against!

This is a very simple cheat to execute. All you have to do is start
up the game by typing "c&c.exe funpark". Then when you enter the game,
you get to fight dinosaurs, and there are even a few new video scenes.
Type "Telomo" and get lot of money.
Slow the games down, then sell something small like those red things
(I don't know the names). Just before the thing folds up click on
it and press S.This will give you 3 or 4 men with out selling the thing.
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Game description

Game Developer:
Westwood Studios (1995–2003) EA Los Angeles (2003–2010) Victory Games (2011–2013) EA Phenomic (2011–2013) EA Redwood Studios (2018–present)
Game Publisher:
Virgin Interactive Entertainment
On other platforms and consoles:
N64 PS/PS2