Command & Conquer: Renegade Hack Cheats

Command & Conquer: Renegade is a first- and third-person shooter video game developed by Westwood Studios and is part of the Command & Conquer series. It is the only Command & Conquer game that uses the first-person view. It was released on February 27, 2002 by EA Games.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
All Weapons:
Start the game with the concole parameter :
-console cheatcc.
In the game bring console with the [~] key (the key at
the left of 1 key), the type:

allguns - All guns
extras fnkqrrm - Enable extras cheat
admin_message (message) - Send admin message to all clients (host only)
message (message) - Sends chat message to all clients (host only)
display fps - Toggle frame rate
game_info - View game in progress info in console window
gameover - End current game (host only)
kick - Kick and ban a user from the game (WOL server only)
renegade - godmode
net_update_rate - Set max net update think rate (times per second)
player_info - View player info in console window
quit - End game and quit to Desktop (dedicated server only)
quit_slave slavename - Shutdown slave server (dedicated master server only)
restart - Quit to desktop and restart process (dedicated server only)
screen_uv_bias - Toggle half pixel bias in screen text
set_bw_budget_out - Set total bandwidth budget out

Flame Tank Rush:
If the team saves up for 5 or 6 Flame Tanks it is almost
certain that GDI will lose a building or two. With proper
support, Flame Tanks can take down entire bases.

Extras cheat:
Enable the extras fnkqrrm code. A "Cheats Enabled" message will confirm
correct code entry. Go to a PT then hold [Left Alt] and click on "Characters"
or "Vehicles" and you will see new items.

Infinite Ammo Hex Cheat:
Just ignore the quotation mark when you type something.

Step 1: Download "Hex Workshop 3" or another HEX editor and install it.
Step 2: Play C&C: Renegade until you get the weapon you want and some
ammo for it. (Some ammo in gun and some in reserve).
Step 3: Save the game and write down the ammo in the gun that you want
to modify and the ammo in reserve for that gun.
Step 4: Quit the game and go back to Windows.
Step 5: Access the save game folder in your Westwood folder.
So if I installed the game in C drive then the path should
be "C:\Westwood\Renegade\Data\save".
Step 6: Find the file that is most recently modify by looking at
the "Date Modify" column if you set the window to detail view.
Step 7: Write down the file name. It should be something.sav.
Step 8: Open "Hex Workshop 3"
Step 9: Using Hex Workshop, open the file name that you wrote down in
step 7. You should see a whole lot of numbers.
Step 10: Click on Edit and click on Find.
Step 11: In the "Type" drop down box, select "32 Bit Singed Long" in the
value box and type in the ammo IN your gun. Then copy
down the "crazy" number in the "Hex" box.
Step 12: In the "Type" drop down box, select "32 Bit Singed Long" in
the value box and type in the ammo in RESERVE in your gun.
Then copy down the "crazy" number in the "Hex" box.
Step 13: In the "Type" drop down box, select "Hex Values".
Step 14: In the "Value" box type in the "Hex" number that you wrote down
in Step 11 follow by the number "1304" (without the quote and space)
and followed by the hex number in step 12. Then you should have
something like this "64000000130464000000"
(This means I have 100 ammo in my gun and 100 ammo in reserve).
Step 15: Click OK. Something should be highlighted. If not then you got
the wrong save game or you got the wrong number. There should
only be one result unless you have more than one gun with the
exact same ammo count.
Step 16: Replace everything in that highlight with "FFFFFFFF1304FFFFFFFF".
Step 17: Save the file and go back to Renegade and load the save game.
Now that gun should have 999 ammo (infinite) in the gun and 999
ammo (infinite) in reserve.

In case anyone did not get this step-by-step guide, then here is an
example. I have a chain laser gun with 100 ammo in my gun and 100 in reserve.
So the "100" in hex value is "64000000". So the whole thing that I want to
search for is "64000000130464000000" and I just simply replace that
with "FFFFFFFF1304FFFFFFFF" by typing it in.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Command & Conquer: Renegade free online.

Game description

Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
Westwood Studios
Game Genre:
Tactical shooter
Game Series:
Command & Conquer
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
EA Games