Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is a 1999 real-time strategy video game developed by Westwood Studios, published by Electronic Arts, and released exclusively for Microsoft Windows on August 27, 1999. The game is the sequel to the 1995 game Command & Conquer, and featured a number of improvements on the original including a change to in-game perspective, balancing of units between playable factions, additional resources for gathering, new graphic effects and a new soundtrack. The main story of the game focuses on a new conflict between the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod, 30 years after the previous war between the two sides, after Kane returns from the dead with a plan that GDI seek to thwart.
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Clear Land for Building:
If you ever just run out of land, there is a way to make
the hills and raised land come down. Take any vehicles
you like, and fire all of them at the raised land.
The land will eventually become level with the ground.
Be careful not to fire too much or an unwanted valley
will be created! This does not work on mountains.

Free GDI Repairs on Upgrade-able Buildings:
When playing as GDI, you can build structures that can
be upgraded, ie. power plants. If a structure that can
be upgraded is damaged and you build the add-on for that
structure, ie. power turbine, the structure will be fully
repaired. The only money that you will lose is the money
that you spent on the upgrade.

Health From Tiberium:
To make a Mutant Hijackers gain health from Tiberium,
simply order them into a field of it. Their health will
rapidly regenerate. This only works with Mutants; regular
infantry will die if they are ordered into Tiberium.

One hit unit kills:
When playing as Nod, if you have the laser fence sections
you can kill any unit one hit. Set up two laser sections
as you would normaly. Turn one of them off with the
lightning icon thing. When a unit passes between the
fences turn it back on. Any unit, even the Mammoth mk2
is destroyed. This is very effective in multiplayer if
there are alot of bridges

Winning with an air assault:
The easiest way towards victory using an air assault is to
take out the SAM sites. However, when you bomb SAM sites they
just re-appear. When playing as NOD, purchase some subterranean
APCs and fill them with engineers. Send them to the opposing
teams base maker, take over the base maker, and quickly sell it.
If the other team is NOD, you will first have to disable their
power plants.

Infinite Firestorm Wall
If you have a firestorm wall and it is fully charged, you
can make it last forever without having to turn it off to
charge. First charge your wall fully, then turn it on.
Before it turns off or runs out of power sell or turn off
your power plants until the words "On Hold" appear in the
firestorm Icon. Your wall will stay on forever and will not
run out of power until you build or turn on your power plants.

Secret Level - "Power Grid" (GDI)
In the level where you must destroy the chemical missle
base first select to free the mutants. Then take the level
where you have to destroy the supply base. Instead of
destroying all the chemical tanks you can go north west
to find a train. Take the mutants and the ghost stalker
with you that you just received by reinforcement, and
complete the new objective by getting the ghost stalker on
the train. Then destroy the rest of the chemical tanks and
get in the level called The "Power Grid".

At the 8th mission, it will be easier to destroy the 2nd
generator in the nod base if u keep 2 engineers at hand, one
to take over the construction yard in the nod base u encounter
b4 the 2nd generator, and one to take over the refinary.
After that, build a power plant, build a hand of nod for
engineers to take over the enemy's hand of nod, or just blow
it up, and a war factory.. build one tick tank and one artillary
and position it at the middle of the two bridges, deploy them and
happy killing the generator!
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Game description

Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
Westwood Studios
Game Genre:
Real-time strategy
Game Series:
Command & Conquer
Game Mode:
Single player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
Electronic Arts