Corridors of Power Cheats, Tricks, and secrets on the PC

Corridors of Power may refer to:
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Corridors of Power provides a console mode to allow
parameters to be changed whilst the game is running.
These commands are mainly for development purposes but
cheat codes might be useful if you get stuck :)
The MAP command is also useful if you want to play a
custom level.

To access the console press [TAB]. Type the command
followed by the parameter (if applicable) and press
[ENTER]. Press [TAB] to return to the game. Whilst in
console mode the game is set to a paused state.

The list of console commands for Corridors of Power
is as follows:

AMMO - set player's ammo to maximum level
BIND xx yy - bind key xx to action yy
CROSSHAIRS 0/1 - turn crosshairs off/on
DEBUG ON - position debug info
DEBUG PLUS - frame rate info
DEBUG OFF - remove debug display
EXIT - quit program
FILL 0/1 - turn polygon fill off/on
GAMMA x - set gamma to x (0=darkest, 20=brightest)
GOD 0/1 - turn god mode off/on
HEALTH - set player's health to maximum level
LIGHT 0/1 - turn GL lighting off/on
LMDEBUG 0/1 - turn lighting map debug mode off/on
MAP x - load level x (where x is the filename
minus the .dat extension)
MOUSE 0/1 - turn mouse control off/on
SKILL x - set skill level to x (0=easy, 1=default, 2=hard)
TARGET 0/1 - turn enemy's sight off/on
UNBIND xx - remove binding between key xx and its action
VFDEBUG 0/1 - turn volumetric fog debug mode off/on

GOD 1 - enable god mode
TARGET 0 - stop enemies from seeing you
SKILL 2 - select hard skill
MAP CRUSH - load custom level file called crush.dat
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Corridors of Power free online.