Damage Incorporated Cheats on the PC

Damage Incorporated is a 2.5D first-person shooter for Mac OS using the Marathon 2 engine and published by MacSoft in 1997. It was ported to Microsoft Windows.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Damage Incorporated includes a whole bunch of cheat codes,
which can be accessed by holding down the CONTROL key and
typing certain key combinations. To get you started, here are
some examples:

HELL - Give yourself full health.
ARM - Give yourself full armor.
PHISH - Changes your field of view. Try it several times for
different settings.
BLUE - Map shows all locations.

WOO - Give yourself two pistols and all the ammo therefore.
FREEDOM - Give yourself two shotguns and all their ammo.
XSE - Give yourself an M16 and all the ammo for it.
AXES - Give yourself all the access cards.

MEDIC - Give your squad members full health.
CHAT - Force a squad member to do a "chit chat."
NIMROD - Make your squadies rebel against you.

Once you've cheated, you will no longer be able to save your

If you'd like to start at a level other than the first one, hold down
CONTROL and ALT when you click on "New" from the Main
Menu. Then you'll be able to select what level you start at. With
this cheat you will be able to save your game.

Try out Mandatory Suicide mode: hit ALT-M from the Main
Menu and you'll be asked to choose one of the network levels.
Then you'll play it in Mandatory Suicide mode, where it's just
you against hordes of gun-toting loonies who just keep coming,
and coming, and coming... Your goal is just to kill as many
enemies as possible; you can check up on your score (how many
of the bastards you've slaughtered) by hitting the Radio In key
(default R).
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Damage Incorporated free online.

Game description

Mac OS, Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
Paranoid Productions
Game Genre:
First-person shooter
Game Mode:
Single player, online multiplayer
Game Publisher: