Deep Sea Tycoon: Reflexive Games Cheats, Tricks

Moon Tycoon is a city-building computer game released in 2001 by Anarchy Enterprises and Unique Entertainment. It is based on the creation of a lunar colony or city. Anarchy Enterprises described it as the "first 3-D Sim game ever", and noted that it has similarities to SimCity (which at the time was 2-dimensional).
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
WARNING: This cheat is based on editing a game file,
please creat a backup copy of that before processing

Change the amount of unlocked item:
Open the file"research_type.inf" in game folder and search for
"[BASIC_COST] ****" again and again

(" **** " - these are the value)

and change the values.
e.g. ([BASIC_COST] 2000 change to [BASIC_COST] 0001)

Change building's attribute:
Open the file "buildings.inf" in game folder and you
will find some building's attribut change them

change cost:- At the building's cost line change the value
(like "[COST] 100.000000" into "[COST] 001.000000"]

in this kind you can chage sevice life, time, cost demolish after,
cost demolish before etc.
You Also can Change building's name

Change Characters attribute:
Open the file "characters.inf" in game folder and you
will find some character's attribut change them
You Also can Change Character's name

Change Treasure cost:
Open the file "characters.inf" in game folder and you
will find some thing like this

[TREASURE] tr1 Worthless_Stock_Certificates 0.5
[TREASURE] tr2 a_Broken_Record 0.5
[TREASURE] tr3 a_Toothbrush 0.5

Chang it into

[TREASURE] tr1 Worthless_Stock_Certificates 100
[TREASURE] tr2 a_Broken_Record 100
[TREASURE] tr3 a_Toothbrush 100

You Also can Change Treasure's name
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Deep Sea Tycoon: Reflexive Games free online.

Game description

Game Developer:
Legacy Interactive
Game Genre:
city-building game
Game Mode:
Single Player
Game Publisher:
Anarchy Enterprises