Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten Cheats and Secrets

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Strange Monument Codes:
With the Book of Secrets equipped on the librarian, go to the Strange
Monument and enter the following codes on the totems. Letters and
numbers can be typed on your keyboard, they do not have to be clicked.
The flute is mapped to the space bar. Hold the flute for at least 1
second for a long note, click it for a short note. The eyes correspond
to arrows, but must be clicked.

Gold Skull 9 - (Flute) long x2, short, long x6, short x2,long x2,
short x5, long, short x3
Unobtanium Skull 2 - (Flute) short x2, long, short x2, long x2, short x2,
long, short x3, long, short x3, long, short x2, long,
short x3, long, short, long, short x4, long
Gold Skull 1 - (Using the eyes) Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right BA
Gold Skull 2 - 112358132134
Gold Skull 3 - 4815162342
Unobtanium Skull 1 - 8675309
Gold Skull 6 - bloodfruit
Gold Skull 7 - cactuar
Gold Skull 5 - cidwashere
Gold Skull 8 - theysaythatcateztlitenochisonebadmothashutyourmouthbutimtal
Gold Skull 4 - thisisntacode
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