Destruction Derby 2 Cheat Codes

Destruction Derby 2 is a vehicular combat racing video game developed by Reflections Interactive and published in 1996 by Psygnosis for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. The sequel to Destruction Derby, players race with the goal of earning points by damaging opponent cars. Standard races and matches based in arenas with the goal of remaining the last player driving are also available. The game is an overhaul of the original and features ideas that did not make it into the first game including tracks that feature obstacles and improved realism. The car mechanics were also redesigned. Development was also focused on Americanisation: the game style shifted away from the British banger racing of the original, and the cars and music were changed to fit a NASCAR theme. The game features Paul Page as commentator, and the soundtrack was created by thrash metal bands Jug and Tuscan. The game was positively received, with reviewers praising the large tracks and car physics, though the PC version was criticised for its difficulty.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Type your name as...

MACSrPOO = All Levels
CREDITZ! = Some Animation
ToNyPaRk = One Video More
!damage! = invincibility at stock car championship

Virtual Camera :
When you are playing hold ENTER and then hold a directional key.
Example: hold [ENTER], then press -> and the camera will move
to the right.
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Game description

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation
Game Developer:
Reflections Interactive
Game Genre:
Vehicular combat, racing
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
On other platforms and consoles: