Doom 95 Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PC

Doom is a 1993 first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by id Software for MS-DOS. Players assume the role of a space marine, popularly known as Doomguy, fighting his way through hordes of invading demons from Hell. The first episode, comprising nine levels, was distributed freely as shareware and played by an estimated 15–20 million people within two years; the full game, with two further episodes, was sold via mail order. An updated version with an additional episode and more difficult levels, Ultimate Doom, was released in 1995 and sold at retail.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Network cheat mode:
Hold [Alt] and type iddtiddtiddtiddt in map mode.

Deathmatch cheat mode:
Type t in the map to enter talk mode. Hold [Alt] and
type iddt several times. This will reveal the entire map.
Repeat the code to reveal all items. Repeating the code
again will return the map to normal.

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes during game play

Effect Code
Invincibility - iddqd
All weapons, keys, ammo, and 200% armor - idkfa
Reset ammunition - idfa
Berserker strength - idbeholds
Temporary invincibility - idbeholdv
Temporary invisibility - idbeholdi
Full automap - idbeholda
Anti-radiation suit - idbeholdr
Light amplification visor - idbeholdl
Walk through walls - idclip
Chainsaw - idchoppers
Level select - idclev<level number 01-32>
Toggle full map; full map and
objects; normal map - iddt
Display coordinates and heading - idmypos
Change music to indicated level - idmus<level number 01-32>
Kill all enemies in level - fhhall
Invisible to enemies until attack - fhshh
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Doom 95 free online.

Game description

MS-DOS Sega 32X Atari Jaguar PC-98 SNES PlayStation 3DO Windows 95 Sega Saturn Acorn Archimedes Game Boy Advance Xbox 360 iOS Android Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One
Game Developer:
id Software
Game Genre:
First-person shooter
Game Series:
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
List Physical PC copies GT Interactive Software Game Boy Advance, Xbox Live Arcade