DX-Ball 4 Cheat Codes, Tricks on the PC

DX-Ball (stylized as DX • BΔLL, sometimes also written as DXBALL) is a freeware computer game for the PC first released in 1996 by Michael P. Welch and Seumas McNally. The game, originally based on an earlier series of Amiga games known as MegaBall, is patterned after classic ball-and-paddle arcade games such as Breakout and Arkanoid. A level editor was also made available as well. DX-Ball has been succeeded by three direct follow-ups: DX-Ball 2 (1998), Rival Ball (2001) and Super DX-Ball (2004).
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Type these cheats in (enter the password)
in the main menu to get that levels:

level 1: first level 26: magic
level 2: paddle level 27: stable
level 3: cavern level 28: heaven
level 4: astroid level 29: force
level 5: temple level 30: armory
level 6: meteor level 31: cliff
level 7: glacier level 32: tide
level 8: peak level 33: snowcap
level 9: valley level 34: jungle
level 10: fantasy level 35: serpent
level 11: treasure level 36: aircraft
level 12: island level 37: powder
level 13: twister level 38: compass
level 14: butterfly level 39: arrow
level 15: cannon level 40: core
level 16: thunder level 41: reactor
level 17: lightining level 42: graveyard
level 18: ocean level 43: waterhole
level 19: terrain level 44: speedboat
level 20: oak level 45: beach
level 21: force level 46: silver
level 22: castle level 47: amnesia
level 23: tomb level 48: metaphor
level 24: waterfall level 49: chamber
level 25: potion level 50: judgement
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for DX-Ball 4 free online.

Game description

Windows Mac OS 6 or higher.
Game Genre:
Breakout clone
Game Mode:
Single player
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