Earthsiege 2 Cheat Codes, Tricks

Earthsiege 2 is a mecha-style vehicle simulation game developed by Dynamix, produced by Frank Evers (NYPH), and released in 1996. Earthsiege 2 is set in the Earthsiege universe, which contains its predecessors Earthsiege (1994) and Battledrome (1995), as well as the action game Hunter Hunted (1996), strategy games MissionForce: CyberStorm (1997) and Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars (1998), simulation Starsiege (1999), and first-person shooters Starsiege: Tribes (1999), Tribes 2 (2001), Tribes Aerial Assault (2002), Tribes: Vengeance (2004) and Tribes: Ascend (2012).
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Run the game with the following command line parameter(s):

SPRUNKNOWN. Ex. while in the ES2 directory type es.exe
SPRUNKNOWN to run the game. Must be in caps.


Then the following codes are avalible during game play:

[ALT] + [LEFT] or [RIGHT] or [UP] or [DOWN]
= Warp in this direction left, right, forward or back

[ALT] + [CTRL] + [N]
= Nuke one or more nearby enemy

[CTRL] + [N]
= Lets you view the combat from different viewpoints,
including structures and enemies press [ESC] to return

[ALT] + [CTRL] + [S]
= Causes several Herc textures to appear

[ALT] + [S]
= Freezes the intelligence AI, press again to resume

[ALT] + [the "+" on the numpad]
= Steps the game one frame at a time after you
have frozen the AI

[Alt] + < or >
= Play cockpit announcements and warnings

[Alt] + [Up] or [Down]
= Send Herc twelve meters in that direction

[Alt] + [Left] or [Right]
= Faces Herc in that direction

[Alt] + [Keypad Plus]
= Advance one frame forward when AI disabled
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Earthsiege 2 free online.

Game description

Game Developer:
Game Genre:
Vehicle simulation
Game Mode:
Single player
Game Publisher:
Sierra On-Line