Emergency 2 Cheats, Tricks

Emergency is a series of rescue simulation video games by German developer Sixteen Tons Entertainment, designed by the creative director and inventor of the series Ralph Stock. In the games, players take control of emergency services, including fire and ambulance services, police, and technical services such as Technisches Hilfswerk. The central element of the series is to head up operations of fictional rescues, crimes, and medical and catastrophe management, commanding a pool of vehicles and personnel.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
While in the game press the '|' button for the console.
Write the "Backdraft" code for cheat mode activation.
cmdlist - Entire List of Commands
moneytalks - Set Money to $666,666
mission <#> - Play a mission from 1 to 26
daytime <#> - Set current time of day
finish - Complete Mission
number - Current mission number
list - Mission List
start - Start Mission
report - Write Emergency 2 info report
sfp <0/1> - Show floor polygons
set - Change configuration, launch without params for help.
gotoid - Change between IDs on a mission
clear - Clear the console
quit - Quit Emergency 2
loadgame - Load the game mentioned by filename
savegame - Save the game to the given filename
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Emergency 2 free online.

Game description

Game Developer:
Sixteen Tons Entertainment, Quadriga Games
Game Publisher:
TopWare Interactive,