Escape Velocity Cheats

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
At the title screen, option-click the Escape Velocity title.
This will display the EV-MST3K scroll. At the end, when you
see "M.C.B. 4:35 A.M." hold down option-shift-control-command-F.
You will hear the Forklift theme song, "They'll Try To Kill
'Em With A Forklift". The loaded pilot will then receive the
forklift-- a weapon of unspeakable power which the pilot can
take with him (or her) from ship to ship.
Don't use this weapon at close ranges...

The forklift is guided much like a torpedo (and is just
as slow), but it has an incredibly long range and does
tons o' damage. Seven simultaneous forklifts
(you need a LONG running start for THIS little trick...)
will disable a Confed Cruiser! Five simultaneous will KILL
a Rebel Cruiser. Anything less than a Kestrel will be killed
with only one shot. Sometimes, small fighters are kind
enough to collect together. One shot can kill them all.

This is the only weapon I know of which is capable of
killing the dread Cap'n Hector, and only if you aim it at
ANOTHER ship; time it just right so that Cap'n Hector is
passing the ship just as the forklift detonates.
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