Etherlords 2: Second Age Cheat Codes

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Press [~] to open console (the same for remove console too),
type 'EtherRevelation' and press [Enter]. Now you can uses
the codes from following table:

Adventure-mode codes:
open_fog - Remove fog of war
hide_fog - Place fog of war back
lose - Lose mission
win - Win mission
save - Quick save
load - Quick load
player - Info about players
give all - Gives 15 of all resurces except ether
view resources - Info about resources

Combat-mode codes:
lose - Lose battle
win - Win battle
view_hand - Shows enemy hand
hide_hand - Hides enemy hand
swap - Swaps you and enemy
view army - Info about your army
view hand - Info about your hand
view players - Info of combatant
view spells - List of all spells and creatures 4-char codes.

Used into following codes
add spell <4-char code> - Instantly adds spell defined by 4-char code
to your hand. Ex: 'add spell TIWR'
add creature <4-char code> - Instantly adds creature defined by 4-char to
your army. Ex: 'add creature TIWR'

change health - Change the amount of your hero's health to defined number.
Ex: 'change health 100'
change mana - Change the amount of current hero's mana to defined number.
Ex: 'change mana 100'
change links - Change the amount of hero's mana links to defined number.
Ex: 'change links 100'
change enemy - Change the same values for your enemy's hero.
Ex: 'change enemy health 1'


For adventure-mode:
view heroes
net start
net connect
net host

For combat-mode:
view creature
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Etherlords 2: Second Age free online.