Europa Universalis 4: Third Rome Cheat Codes

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Press [~] (tilde) for the command box to come up and then type one
of the following cheat codes below.

Cash (Number) - Extra Money
stability - Add's Stability
manpower (Insert Number) - Extra Manpower

add_cb [casus belli tag] [country tag] - Add casus belli against target country
remove_cb [casus belli tag] [country tag] - Remove casus belli from country

add_core [Province ID] - Add core
add_natives [ProvinceID] [Amount] - Add natives to given province
add_opinion [Country tag] - Add opinion to/from tag
add_pi [Country tag] - Add papal influence to tag
add_pa [Country tag] - Add patriach authority to tag
add_reformlevel [Amount] - Add reform level to the empire
add_interest [Country tag] - Add specified country tag
add_colonist [Country tag] - Adds a colonist to a country
add_heir [Target Country Tag] - Adds a heir of a tag eg: add_heir 51
add_missionary [Country tag] - Adds a missionary to a country
add_diplo - Adds diplomatic entroute
morehumans [number] - Adds more humans
piety - Adds Piety
population [ProvinceID] [Amount] - Adds population to a province
prestige - Adds Prestige

power [stability/tech_table_key/idea_key] - Adds the specified idea group

add_idea_group [Idea group key] - Adds the specified idea group
annex [Target Country Tag] - Begin annex/annexes the specified tag
integrate [Target Country Tag] - Begin integrate the specified tag
controll [Province ID] - Change controller
mapmode [Mapmode type (int)] - Change mapmode.
own [Province ID] - Change ownership
nextsong - Changes the currently playing sound
clear - Clears the console.
savegame - Creates an savefile
discover [Target Country Tag] - Discover capital of target tag
helphelp - Double Rainbow help from an unicorn
selflearningai - Enables/Disables Self-Learning AI
fow off - Fog of War turned off!
fow on - Fog of War turned on !
poll - force Polls valid Events
adm [AMOUNT OPTIONAL] - Get administrative power
dip [AMOUNT OPTIONAL] - Get diplomatic power
mil [AMOUNT OPTIONAL] - Get military power
powerpoints [AMOUNT OPTIONAL] - Get power in all powers
winwars - Gives max war score in all wars
nudge - Go to the nudge tool
combatsound - Combat view give a random sound?
(0-50 0 the lowest 50 the highest
imperial_authority [VALUE] - Increase your Imperial Authority
kill_cardinal - Kills the first cardinal in the list
kill_heir [Target Country Tag] - Kills the heir of a tag
die(kill) [Target Country Tag] - Kills the monarch of a tag eg: kill 51
oos - Make the client go oos
prices - Price Info. recorded on the gamelog
help [command name] - Print out all console commands
memory - Prints out the used memory
balance - Region Balance output
reloadinterface - Reloads the entire interface
reload [VAR] - Reloads the gui (reload gui)
remove_core [Province ID] - Remove core
requestgamestate - Requests the gamestate from host
score - Score output
legitimacy [AMOUNT] - Set the legitimacy of the ruler
spritelevel [Sprite level] - Sets a forced sprite level
papvotes - Shows all votes for a cardinal
IP - Shows your IP
pirate [Province ID] - Starts a Pirate in a province
revolt [Province ID] - Starts a Revolt in a province
tag [Country tag] - Switch tag to another country
observe(spectator) - Switches to play no country at all
testmission [Mission Name] - Tests a mission without triggering it
testevent [Event ID] [Char. ID] - Tests an event without triggering it
aiview - Toggles additional AI info
yesman - Toggles AI positive responses
msg - Toggles all messages popup
collision(debug_collision) - Toggles debug display
fullscreen - Toggles fullscreen
ti(debug_ti) - Toggles Terra Incognita on/off
nopausetext - Toggles the pausebanner/screenshots
fow(debug_fow) [Province ID] - Turns off fog of war in a province
validateevents - Validates all events
vassalize [Target Country Tag] - Vassalize the specified tag
time - What time is it? i play too much
siege [Province ID] - Wins the siege

setmissionaryprogress [ProvinceID] [Amount] - Set missionary progress/province

event [event id] [Target Country Tag] - Executes an event
eg: event 3041 51

Philospher Rush of colonists - Event 4021 5022
Natural Scientist Rush of merchants - 4022 5023
Army Reformer Diplomatic event - 4023 5024
Naval reformer Invest in government - 4024 5040
Artist Fortunes of war - 4025 718
Treasurer Infamy loss - 4026 857
Theologian war exhaustion loss - 4027 860
Statesman Colonists - 4028 862
Colonial Governor land tech - 4029 866
Spymaster naval tech - 4030 867
Diplomat trade tech - 4031 868
Trader gov tech - 4032 869
Master of Mint prod tech - 4104 870
Navigator civil war - 4110 6018
Grand captain - 4114
Army Organiser - 4115
Commandant - 4116
Quartermaster - 4117
Recruitmaster - 4118
Fortification exper - 4119
Inquisitor - 4120
Military Reform - 4011 5027 5032
Excellent minister - 5015
Exceptional year - 5019 5020 5021
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Europa Universalis 4: Third Rome free online.