F-16 Falcon 3.0 Full List of Cheat Codes for PC 

The Falcon line of computer games is a series of simulations of the F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft. The games, mostly published by Spectrum HoloByte, were noted for their high level of realism unseen in contemporary simulation games.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Cheat Codes
A) Shift+T - Time of Day
B) Shift+U - Look Down
C) Ctrl+Alt+5 - Auto Level
D) P+TAB - Reckon Camera (Wait for pause before hitting TAB)
While in Camera mode use the following:
1) + / - : Inc. / Dec. Speed
2) PgUp / PgDn: Inc. / Dec. Altitude
3) F3 / F4 : Rotate Right / Left
Hold shift for up & down rotation
Hold ctrl for fine tuning
Hit ~ to start sim back up
E) P+TAB+D - Debug mode
1st line: ?
2nd line: N/S & E/W Coordinates; Alt. (div. by 2); Speed
3rd line: Frame Rate
F) P+TAB+T - Transporter
Enter location code & hit enter.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for F-16 Falcon 3.0 free online.