FA-18 Korea Cheats on the PC

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Here is a cheat I found out myself about FA-18 Korea.
If you want to use any other plane in the game in a mission, you
can do that by typing in the callsignbox(example):

If you want to use a Mig 21 you type in the callsignbox "use:MG21"

Then ALL the f-18 planes in that mission are replaced by Mig 21
planes! This is NOT the same cheat as the "fly:MG21-00" cheat, this
is only possible if the plane you want to fly is already somewhere
in the mission!!

The use: command replaces ALL F-18 planes by the plane you want
to use! So if you want ALL F-18 in the mission replaced by F-14s
then just type in the callsignbox "use:F14D" and ALL f-18 in that
mission are replaced by F-14s!
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