Fallen Empire: Legions Cheats and Secrets

Legions: Overdrive, formerly Fallen Empire: Legions, was a browser-based science fiction first-person shooter video game by GarageGames on InstantAction. Announced in January 2007, Legions was developed as a "spiritual successor" to Tribes, borrowing many gameplay elements from the series. Credited as the first online browser 3D based first-person shooter, closed beta testing began in March 2008, with open beta tests starting in June 2008.
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Hidden Room:
In the Map Moonshine (the big one with a green floor) in the very middle of
the map there is a rectangular metal hill. Jump to the side and you will see
an entrance. Walk in. The floor should be black and there are boxes on all
the corners. These boxes can be used to recharge your guns (just walk up to
the box to recharge). This place is really good if you want to hide (go into
the far corner and nobody will see you in the dark) or just as a base to
recharge and an is easy to defend.

Get a Ultimate ammo:
In the game choose Rockeeter and before you want to use a gun press then
use it, but you have to press evry time you change the gun.

[WARNING]: If you used the cheat and you didn't changed the gun, you will not
be abbly to use Zoom , only if you changed the gun and you didn't press
then you will be abbly to use the Zoom.
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Microsoft Windows
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First-person shooter
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