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Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game is a turn-based role-playing open world video game developed by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay Productions in October 1998. While featuring a considerably larger game world and a far more extensive storyline, it mostly uses similar graphics and game mechanics to those of Fallout.
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it is a very easy way to get every thing you wont,
just start game, when u finish your job in tample
of trials go to first city eg. the den. find any
footlocker or any other place to put ther whole your
inventory. when you do this, save your game in eg.
slot 1. then take all stuff from place u put it. and
save in slot 2. then alt+tab find directory where
fallout is instel enter to save game directory. u
notice there is folders named slot 1-10 or some thing.
open slot 1 folder . u notice thher is few fils *.sav
this is map fils. just find the map file eg. denwest.sav
and copy it to slot 2. then alt+tab and load game from
slot 2. all stuff is back in footlocker.

All your weapons can be upgraded for free!
Go into the basement of New Reno Arms
(Behind the bookshelves) talk nicely to
The idiot you'll find there and he'll upgrade
your weapons for free.

Take the man his stuff!!!
If you see someone with a nice gun walk up to them hit "3"
and click on them (did i mention Save the game first?
DO IT!!!) take his stuff like ammo so he cant reload then
after enduring how ever many times you had to be shot
KILL THE S>O>B and take his stuff!

Get free guns!!!
In New Reno go to the Arms shop and kill the shopkeeper
you're karma won't change but you can steal his guns
(he has a minigun, sniper rifle etc.)

All Xpoints you want!
Unlimited. In NCR go to the building were the woman asks you
to help her with the power plant. Inside is a cop about to blow
himself up. Let him. Then fix the computer the woman rushes to.
Fix it and recieve 4000exp and books on science and healing.
Try and fix it again, keep trying to you do. When you fix it,
its like the first time all over again. Talk to the woman and
she'll give you them books and exp. Repeat, its unlimited.

300% in ALL skills
Get the Book I found a book in the game that will give you 300%
in all skills. It is in New Reno after you beat the game. To get
it you must talk to Father Tulley. He will say your a hero.
He will give you this book and you need to read it.

Good start
For a bunch of cool weapons and stuff near the beginning of the
game, hunt around for a random encounter. When you find one,
search for a cave entrance and go inside. There should be either
geckos or bandits in high quantities. Once, after killing a load
of female bandits, i got a bunch of money, guns, and 3 pairs of
plated gloves! Also, in Redding, you can get a bunch of money by
talking to the red-text dealer and betting $100 every time, and
by looting the room behind the cash guy in the same casino.

Free weapons
Go to San Francisco and talk to brotherhood of steal guy and
then go up to navero and kill guy in purple robe and got inside
building and enter base talk to big guy and say your a recruit
he will let you in storage and you can take anything you want
in lockers!!

Kill mutants easy
It's in NCR, where the doctor tells you to prove the antidote
for the mutants, after you prove the first one on any mutant,
you go back and he'll give you the dog, talk to him again and
he'll give you the antidote again (this is a good way to kill
all the mutants of Broken Hills).

HexCheat 1
First, start a new game and choose a custom character.
Save that characters blank sheet to whatever and edit
it with a hex editor. After the line with zeros and
a 19 theres a huge range of zeros. Change all those
zeros to 20. This makes the character 300 at every
attribute. Move on to the last 2 00s. Change this
to 37 or 36 not sure. It will give u 36 things to
add to ur strength intell, ect... make sure u have
the right ammount because u have to use all of them.

HexCheat 2
When you create a new character in Fallout2
spend the char points and save the character.
The get the newly created ".gcd" file and open
it with a hexeditor. Change the following lines
to "0A" (for 10 - maximum possible here):

Offset - Byteaddress - Type
0 - 8 - ST
10 - 2 - PE
10 - 6 - EN
10 - 10 - CH
20 - 4 - IN
20 - 8 - AG
30 - 2 - LK

Voila, all you characteristics are on 10 and that
increases the skills as well.

Unlimited Money and Jet:
In the Den, there is a thug named Joey. He will try to
sell you the drug "Jet". Talk to him and he'll ask you
for $500 a dose. When you first talk to him, have less
than $500 in your inventory and say you'll buy it.
He will say you don't have enough money and tell you
not to buy it anywhere else. There will be an option
that says "Wait, I'll buy it". Click on that and he'll
say "You'll be coming back". Then say "Maybe". In your
inventory, you will have the jet, without even paying
for it. Here comes the best part! Go into his inventory
by using the steal skill. He will have the $500 you were
supposed to give him. You can then steal that money! You
may do this as many times you wish for unlimited money
and jet.
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Microsoft Windows Mac OS X
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Black Isle Studios
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Single player
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