Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Full List of Cheat Codes for PC 

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( Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel )

1000 Extra Dollars to Start:
When you start a new game select "Create" for your character.
Use one of your tags on traps. When you start the game you
will have three Anti-Personal mines and a Genric Dorr Charge
like device. After finishing the first level go to the military
base you can sell these for just over 1000 dollars.

30000 Ring Pulls:
When you get the random encounter "Brahmin Poker" sneak up on
them with your best two guys. Right click on them until you
have killed them all after this simply click on the table and
you will find about 30000 Ring Pulls.

Credit comments:
Hold [Shift] during the credit sequence to hear comments from
the development team. Hold [Alt] during the credit sequence to
see another funny feature.

Golden Cheat:
At the character menu name your character HIGHWAYMEN then on
optinol character skill choose Doctor, First Aid, and Small
Guns At the first level not only will you have a first aid
doctors kit and extra stimpacks But you will have a Scout
Car Waiting for you at the bridge.

Free Bartering:
When you are going to barter with some one you can get it for
free. When you get a character to the bartering screen, put
in something of his and DON'T put anything of yours in. Click
the barter button over, and over again until he gives it to you.
(Note: It's best if have somebody with high bartering skills.
Also if the object has a very high worth you'll have to click
many many times)

Free reloads:
In turn based combat, you can get free reloads instead of
using two action points. Keep the weapon you are using in
one weapon slot and keep the other slot empty. When you
need to reload the weapon, drag the weapon into the other
slot. It will automatically reload the weapon as though you
had dropped it from your inventory, only it will not cost
any action points. This will enable you to fire continuously
without spending action points on a reload.
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