Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Cheat Codes & Walkthroughs for PC 

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a 2013 first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is a stand-alone expansion to the 2012's Far Cry 3 and the eighth overall installment in the Far Cry franchise. It was released for PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 in 2013.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Start the game with a shortcut with the following command line parameters
to activate the corresponding cheat function.
(Click the right mouse button on your Far Cry 3 game from Steam
and go to "Properties", then go to "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS"
and write down the followings:)

-GameProfile_GodMode 1 - God mode
-GameProfile_SkipIntroMovies 1 - Skip introduction sequence
-GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1 - Unlimited ammunition
-GameProfile_UnlimitedReliability 1 - Weapons never jam
-GameProfile_AllWeaponsUnlock 1 - Unlock all weapons for current area

God Mode And Infinite Ammo:
Go into the game's folder and find the .exe file. Create a shortcut of
the file, then right click the shortcut and click "Properties" Find
the target line and go all the way to the end, past the end quote,
create one space after the quote and type:

-GameProfile_GodMode 1 and -GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1.

Make sure there is a space between the two cheat inputs.
Now if you have not already, launch the game, you do not need to play it.
Then go to C:/My Documents/My games/Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
and find the "GameProfile.XML" file. Right click it and select properties.
Make sure the box marked Read Only is checked, then click apply and okay.
Now, launch the game with the shortcut you made, and you should be
able to play it with your cheats.
Note: The game may have trouble launching. For example, it may open
Uplay but may not launch the game via the short cut. Right click it
and click "Run As Administrator"And it should launch.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon free online.

Game description

PlayStation 3 Microsoft Windows Xbox 360
Game Developer:
Ubisoft Montreal
Game Genre:
First-person shooter
Game Series:
Far Cry
Game Mode:
Game Publisher: