Federation Booker Cheat Codes

Mat Dickie (born 1981) is an English indie video game designer, developer and author who releases games under the name MDickie. He is most notable for his indie professional wrestling games, such as Wrestling Revolution for iOS and Android devices, which received over 100,000 downloads two months after its launch in 2012. The game later went on to surpass 10 million downloads and its sequel, Wrestling Revolution 3D, went on to compete with WWE 2K games on the mobile and PC market.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen.

Change the month - Calendar [Ctrl] + [A] or [S
Change the week - Calendar [Ctrl] + [Q] or [W]
Call out an interference - During match [Ctrl] + [I]
Climb out from bottom of caged ring - During match [Right Ctrl]+[Left Ctrl]
Climb underneath apron - During match [H]
Editor - During match [E]
Explosion - During match [Tab]
Halve the health of all wrestlers - During match [Ctrl] + [H]
Random explosion - During match [Left Alt]
Turn manager or invader into a referee - During match [Ctrl] + [R]
Reset all salaries highlighted feder. - Editing [Ctrl] + [C]
Stop your wrestler complaints - End of night [U]
Use different promotion - Match setup [Ctrl] + [0] to [6]
Block all random events - News Hold [B]
Force inter-promotional challenge - News [Space]
All productions - Production [Ctrl] + [A]
Reset a production - Production [Backspace]
Automatically complete production - Production [Ctrl]
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Federation Booker free online.