Feudalism Hack Cheats

Feudal is a chess-like board wargame for 2–6 players on two or four opposing sides. It was originally published by 3M Company in 1967 as part of its bookshelf game series, and was republished by Avalon Hill after they purchased 3M's game division. The object of the game is to either occupy one's opponent's castle or to capture all of one's opponent's royalty. There are six sets of plastic pieces in three shades each of blue and brown. Each set consists of thirteen mobile figures with differing methods of movement and attack, and a stationary castle piece. The play area consists of four plastic peg boards depicting empty, rough, and mountainous terrain.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Unlimited gold:
To get unlimited gold, you must have at least ten troops in you reserves.
Take any unit and put them in the last spot for reserves. Click on the
arrow on the right and put the unit in that location. Note: You can repeat
this again, but it is not necessary to do so. Then, move the unit next to
the rest of the reserves. Save the game and close your browser. Reload your
saved game file and go to the barracks. Go to the end of the reserves.
If done correctly, a unit will be flashing between all of the unit looks.
Sell this unit back to the barracks and you will now have unlimited gold.
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