FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer Cheats & Codes for PC 

FIFA 2000 (titled FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer in North America, and FIFA 2000: Europa League Soccer in Japan) is an association football video game developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It was the seventh game in the main FIFA series. The game was released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. A version was also released for the Game Boy Color, developed by Tiertex Design Studios and published by THQ.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Enter one of the following option menu codes to
activate cheat function.
Code Result
MOMONEY - Unlimited Bankroll
HOOLIGAN - Bonus Teams
SIZZLE - Lightening Mode
DIZZY - Alien Mode

Finding Robbie Williams:
Enable the "Bonus teams" code. Robbie Williams may be
found on the Special Guests team in the Rest Of The
World listing.

Finding Pele:
Pele may be found in the game as No. 10 and plays for a
Classic Brazilian team side, Santos '62-'63 and the Classic
Brazilian national team (Brazil '58 and Brazil '70).

Finding Ronaldo:
Ronaldo may be found in the game as No. 9 and plays for the
Italian side, Inter Milan and the Brazilian national team.

Finding Romario:
Romario may be found in the game as No. 11 and plays for a
Brazilian team side, Flamengo.

Finding Youri Djorkaeff:
Youri Djorkaeff may be found as No. 14 on the German side,

Black & White mode:
Choose two classic teams to play whith and screen will
turn Black & White.

Orange mode:
Choose one classic and one "original" team to play whith
and the screen will turn Orange.

How to score an easy goal:
When you're inside the penalty area alone with your
opposition's goalie, push the CTRL button quickly when
the keeper is going down to take the ball. If you do it
right and your timing is right you'll jump over the
keeper and you can just walk with the ball into the goal.

How to make your opposition score a goal:
Do the same thing, just stop the ball on the line. Then a
defender will tackle you and you know the rest.

How to score on free kicks right outside the penalty area:
Tap the DOWN button two times. DON'T PUSH, just tap it.
Then add maximum ballspin at the outside of the wall.
DON'T MOVE THE AIMING ARROW!!! Press S until the green
arrow is full. 95% of my free kicks taken like this go in.
PS: If you're more than about 25 meters away from the goal,
don't add that much ballspin.
NOTE: The further from the goal you get your free kick, the
harder it is to score!
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Game description

Microsoft Windows PlayStation Game Boy Color
Game Developer:
EA Canada
Game Genre:
Sports game
Game Series:
Game Mode:
Single-player, Multiplayer
Game Publisher:
EA Sports