Ford Racing 3 Cheat Codes & Walkthroughs for PC 

Ford Racing 3 is a racing video game published by Empire Interactive and 2K Games. It is the third game in the Ford Racing series, and was released in Europe in October 2004, for the personal computer (PC), PlayStation 2 (PS2) and Xbox. In the United States, the game was released on the same platforms the following year, followed by releases later that year for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) and Nintendo DS. Visual Impact Productions developed the GBA and DS versions, while Razorworks developed the other versions. The game received mixed reviews, which included criticism of its soundtrack.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Quick start:
In any race with a countdown, keep the pointer of the tachometer
between 4 and 5 to get a good start and a little turbo boost.
If you keep it between 5 and 6, you will get a super start and
a great turbo boost. Be careful; if the pointer is in the red (7 and 8),
you will get an over rev and be stopped for a few seconds while your
opponents drive away.
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Game description

Personal computer PlayStation 2 Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS Xbox
Game Developer:
Razorworks (console and PC versions) Visual Impact (DS/GBA versions)
Game Genre:
Game Mode:
Single player Multiplayer
Game Publisher:
2K Games /
On other platforms and consoles:
DS PS/PS2 Xbox