Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich Cheats

Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich is a real-time tactical role-playing game developed and published by Irrational Games. The sequel to Freedom Force, the player guides a team of superheroes as they travel back in time and help overthrow Nazi Germany and its allies during World War II.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Use a text editor to edit the ""
file in the game folder. Add the following lines to the file:


Begin game play and press [~] at the database screen to display
the console window. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes
to activate the corresponding cheat function.

god() - Invincibility for entire party
mortal() - Disable invincibility
peace() - Enemies do not move or attack
war() - Enemies move and attack again
Mission_Win() - Win current mission
DEBUG_ALLPOWERS=1 - Unlock all character powers in mission
Campaign_AddCP('[name]',[number]) - Add CP to specified character
Campaign_Recruit('[name]') - Automatically specified character
Campaign_UnlockOrigin('[name]') - Unlock specified built-in character's origin
Campaign_AddPrestige([number]) - Set prestige amount

Bonus characters:
Before editing game files, make a back-up copy.
Edit the "" file in the game folder,
adding the following lines:

import ff

Character Names:
When entering a character name in a code, it must be all lower-case,
with spaces converted to underscores "_".
Also, remove hyphens "-" in names:

'el_diablo' - El Diablo
'alchemiss' - Alche-Miss
'mentor' - Mentor
'iron_ox' or 'ironox''

El Diablo: Hellfire
Diablo has the "hot-headed" trait. This means that he will occasionally
overpower his attacks. This works just as if you scaled up the power of
an attack, making them stronger but requiring more energy, and you have
no control over it. However, if he tries to overpower an attack to
the point where it takes more energy then you currently have, he will
end up being stunned. Watch when you use his Hellfire, and stop him if
he is going to overpower it.

Hovering objects:
Choose an object that you can pick up. Pick it up stand in an open location.
Right click on the object you are holding and select "Throw". You will
see your character start to throw it, but the object will stay hovering
above you. You can move away from it and it will still hover.
Note: This does not work on cars.

Multiple canister use:
Surround a canister with all your characters when one is found.
Press [Space] to pause game play. Click on the "Use Canister"
command on all your characters. When game play is resumed, every
character will be able to use the canister.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich free online.

Game description

Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
Irrational Games
Game Genre:
Real-time tactics, tactical role-playing
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
Irrational Games[a]