FreeStyle Street Basketball Cheats, Codes

FreeStyle Street Basketball (FSSB) is a massively multiplayer online sports game made by JC Entertainment and with cel-shaded graphics. It is a fast-paced, arcade styled representation of half court streetball, self-described as being Hip-Hoop. Players team up with one another to challenge other online players to matches of basketball that are characterized by high tempo, freedom of movement, and a premium placed on synergy and teamwork. Players can also create clubs and enter club matches, play in a single player story mode, roam around in Open Court mode, drop and add skills as needed, and choose from millions of different outfits to express themselves due to the sheer quantity of wearable items in the ingame shop.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Cheat mode codes:
Enter one of the following codes.
Playphone1000 - 1,000 points
Emusic1000 - 1,000 points
Devry1000 - 1,000 points
Powerbar1000 - 1,000 points
Deluge2000 - 2,000 points
Unbound2000 - 2,000 points
BringIt - Promo Code
mtvpeepshow - Unknown
yahoogames - Unknown
fssb - Unknown
dfls - Unknown
tacobell - Unknown

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Microsoft Windows
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Sports Game massively multiplayer online sports game
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