German Truck Simulator Cheat Codes, and Secrets on the PC

German Truck Simulator is a vehicle simulation game developed by SCS Software and published by Excalibur Publishing. As an employee of a virtual haulage company, players can travel between 18 major cities in Germany and as an expansion, 4 cities in Austria, collecting and delivering cargo. Ultimately, players have the option to purchase their own truck, and drive as an independent driver, choosing their cargo and delivery locations. This German Truck Simulator is no longer available on Steam.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Go to "documents",
then go to "German Truck Simulator",
then go to "config" or "config.cfg",
then open it with "Editor" and save that for all config-files,
then look for:

-uset g_console 0
-uset g_developer 0
-uset g_police 1
and set this to:

-uset g_console 1
-uset g_developer 1
-uset g_police 0

Then start a new game.
Then press ^(left from the number 1),
when you have do all correct, you will see a console!
(When not, you have do what wrong!)

Then write in console:

-cheat money(you will get 500000$)
cheat driver(you will get a driver)

-cheat company(you will see all company names)

Change the Language:
You can change the language, when you have download a german demo,
but you want to play in english or whatever.

I know only, how you can change to german or english:

First go to "documents",
then open "German Truck Simulator",
then open "config"(open it manually, with notebook),
then look for:

uset g_lang de_de(when you have only german)
and set this to:

uset g_lang en_en(and you have english)

When you have only english, and you want to play in german, set this row to:

uset g_lang de_de

I hope, that it will goes by your computer/laptop!

Easy money change:
First you need to start a new game(when you haven't save anyone),
then save it,
then end game and open up your "documents" folder,
then open "German Truck Simulator",
then open the "save" folder,
then click on this saved game, where you want a cheat for it,
then click on "game" folder, select open it with a list,
then use "notebook" to open the file.
Now you only need to look for:

money_account: 500
and change it to so many money how you want.
When you have do that, save it and close it.
When you will start then the saved game where you have use the money cheat,
you will have so many money how you have change in notebook.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for German Truck Simulator free online.

Game description

Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
SCS Software
Game Genre:
Vehicle simulation
Game Series:
Truck Simulator
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Excalibur PublishingSeriesTruck Simulator