Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko

Gex: Enter the Gecko (also known as Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko or Return of the Gecko; or on N64 as Gex 64: Enter the Gecko) is a platform game released in 1998 for the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, and the Game Boy Color. It is the second game in the Gex series, and involves collecting three types of remotes to unlock different TVs in the hub world that lead to levels, and to aid in the fight once again against Rez. The eponymous gecko protagonist is voiced by Dana Gould in the American version, and Leslie Phillips in the British release.
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The Gex 3D saved games are the GEX2xxA.GEX files (where
the 'x's are the percent completed, for example - GEX210A.GEX
means 10 percent of the game completed) in the folder Gex 3D was
installed into.

The following info requires some knowledge of hexadecimal
addition. Each byte is comprised of eight bits. The values
given to each bit for purposes of addition are left to
right: 8 4 2 1 / 8 4 2 1. The total number of digits for each half
is 16: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F. The letters A through F have
the values 10 11 12 13 14 15. This game uses bits to indicate
whether an item is found or not found, so when an item is found, it
must be added to any other found items.

Hex position 0C is the number of lives. Hex 63 (99 lives)
is the maximum. Hex positions 14 through 24 contain the number
of "normal" or red remotes found in the 14 normal levels 1 and
the 3 secret levels. The following table indicates the valid numbers
a nd their meanings:

hex 00 = no remotes found
hex 01 = first remote found (stops here if only one remote in the level)
hex 02 = second remote found
hex 03 = first and second remotes found (bit 1 = 1 added to bit 2 = 2)
(stops here if only two remotes)
hex 04 = third remote found
hex 05 = first and third remotes found
hex 06 = second and third remotes found
hex 07 = all three remotes found

Hex positions 04 through 06 and the rightmost four bits
of position 07 indicate the "extra" bonus remotes in each
regular level ("Reward" and "Hidden"). Each byte holds info for
four levels in reverse order (except hex position 07, which holds
info for t wo levels). So a hex 0E in byte 04 means one extra remote
was found in the first level and both extra remotes were found in
the second level.

The following table indicates which bytes contain the number
of "normal" or red remotes found in the regular and secret levels
and which bytes and values give the bonus remotes in the bonus
levels and their corresponding level names and filenames:

First area
Hex 14 = Out of Toon (filenames looney30.dfx and looney30.vfx)
Hex 15 = Smellraiser (horror4.dfx and horror4.vfx)
Hex 0B = Gilligex Isle (boss level) hex x4 gives remote
(where x is unchanged) - gillig1.dfx and gillig1.vfx
Hex 08 = Aztec 2 Step (bonus level) Hex x1 gives remote
(aztec16.dfx and aztec16.vfx)
Hex 08 = Thursday the 12th (bonus level) Hex x2 gives remote
(horror6.dfx and horror6.vfx)

Second area
Hex 16 = Frankensteinfeld (horror2.dfx and horror2.vfx)
Hex 17 = WWW.DOTCOM.COM (circuit5.dfx and circuit5.vfx)
Hex 18 = Mao Tse Tongue (kungfu02.dfx and kungfu02.vfx)
Hex 0B = MooShoo Pork (boss level) Hex x8 gives remote
(mooshu1.dfx and mooshu1.vfx)
Hex 08 = In Drag Net (bonus level) Hex x4 gives remote
(nypd01.dfx and nypd01.vfx)
Hex 08 = The Spy Who Loved Himself (bonus level) Hex x8 gives remote
(spy2.dfx and spy2.vfx)

Third area
Hex 19 = The Umpire Strikes Out (scifi10.dfx and scifi10.vfx)
Hex 1A = Pangaea 90210 (prehst1.dfx and prehst1.vfx)
Hex 1B = Fine Tooning (looney69.dfx and looney69.vfx)
Hex 08 = I Got the Reruns (bonus level) Hex 1x gives remote
(junk1.dfx and junk1.vfx)
Hex 08 = Trouble in Uranus (bonus level) Hex 2x gives remote
(lost01.dfx and lost01.vfx)

Fourth area
Hex 1C = This Old Cave (prehst2.dfx and prehst2.vfx)
Hex 1D = Honey I Shrunk the Gecko (circuit9.dfx and circuit9.vfx)
Hex 1E = Poltergex (train30.dfx and train30.vfx)
Hex 0B = Gexzilla vs. Mecharez (boss level) Hex 1x gives remote
(gexzil9.dfx and gexzil9.vfx)
Hex 08 = Lizard in a China Shop (bonus level) Hex 4x gives remote
(kungfu4.dfx and kungfu4.vfx)
Hex 08 = Bugged Out (bonus level) Hex 8x gives remote
(rezop2.dfx and rezop2.vfx)

Fifth area (F1 key shows it before sixth area, but it
is encountered after) Hex 1F = Pain in the Asteroids (scifi14.dfx
and scifi14.vfx) Hex 09 = Chips and Dips (bonus level) Hex x1
gives remote (circuit0.dfx and circuit0.vfx)
Sixth area (F1 key shows it after fifth area, but it is
encountered before) Hex 20 = Samurai Night Fever
(kungfu1.dfx and kungfu1.vfx)
Seventh area Hex 21 = No Weddings and a Funeral
(rezop3.dfx and rezop3.vfx) N/A = Channel Z (final boss level)
final01.dfx and final01.vfx

Hex 22 = Lava Daba Doo (secret level) prehst3.dfx and
prehst3.vfx Hex 23 = Texas Chainsaw Manicure (secret level)
horror5.dfx and horror5.vfx Hex 24 = Mazed and Confused
(secret level) rezop1.dfx and rezop1.vfx

There is a way to play the secret levels and any bonus
level missed by renaming files. First, make sure all affected
files in the LEVEL folder under the folder Gex3D was installed
into can be restored. Probably the easiest way to play the
secret levels i s to move the files for the first three levels
(looney30.dfx, looney30.vfx, horror4.dfx, horror4.vfx,
horror2.dfx, and horror2.vfx) to a temporary folder, then
copy prehst3.dfx to looney30.dfx, prehst3.vfx to looney30.vfx,
horror5.dfx to horror4.dfx, hor ror5.vfx to horror4.vfx,
rezop1.dfx to horror2.dfx, and rezop1.vfx to horror2.vfx. Now
playing "Out of Toon" will actually play "Lava Daba Doo".
Playing "Smellraiser" will instead play "Texas
Chainsaw Manicure". And "Frankensteinfeld" will play
"Mazed an d Confused". To restore the files, simply move back
the files from the temporary folder. As I was unable to get the
"Lizard in a China Shop" bonus level to appear, I moved aztec16.dfx
and aztec16.vfx to a temporary folder, copied kungfu4.dfx
to aztec16.d fx, copied kungfu4.vfx to aztec16.vfx, and played
the "Aztec 2 Step" bonus level.
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PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Color
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Crystal Dynamics David A. Palmer Productions (GBC)
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PlayStation EU: Crystal Dynamics
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