Gorky 17 Cheats, Codes

Gorky 17 (released as Odium in North America) is a turn-based tactics tactical role-playing game developed by Polish studio Metropolis Software and published by Monolith Productions for Microsoft Windows in 1999. The game was later ported to Linux by Hyperion Entertainment and published by Linux Game Publishing in 2006. The AmigaOS 4 version was released in 2015.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Win Every Fight:
Star the game with the command-line parameter -760722.
Press [Q] during the fight to win.
(for example "C:\Gorky17\Gorky.exe -760722")
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Game description

AmigaOS 4, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
Metropolis Software Hyperion Entertainment (Linux and Amiga)
Game Genre:
Tactical role-playing
Game Mode:
Game Publisher:
Monolith Productions,