Gothic 2 Cheat Codes, and Secrets

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Type "Marvin" in your character screen("B" by default).
Now you open the console with [F2]:
"cheats god" - God mode
"toggle frame" - show FPS and TRS
"cheat full" - full healing
"attributes" - opens the window for the character modes:
0 - momentary life energy
1 - maximum life energy
2 - momentary Mana
3 - maximum Mana
4 - strength
5 - fate (the values 6 and 7 changed that probably no
influence on the character)
"protection" - protection from weapons, magic ect.
1 - weapon protection
3 - fire protection
4 - magic protection
6 - projectile protection
"insert gold" - Leather bag with 1000 pieces of gold and 100Exp.
near your character.
"lurker" - a lurker appears
"more snapper" - a Snapper appears
"troll" - a Troll appears
"warg" - a Warg appears
"sheep" - a sheep appears
"draconain" - a Echsenmensch appears
"icegolem" - an ice GOLEM appears
"firegolem" - a fire GOLEM appears
"stonegolem" - a stone GOLEM appears
"more scavenger" - a Scavenger appears
"wolf" - a wolf appears
"blackwolf" - a black one wolf appears

Open gothic2.ini file in Gothic2 directory and change
"bloodDetail-2" to "bloodDetail-3"
You'll see the difference in game.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Gothic 2 free online.

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