Gubble 2 Cheats, Easter Eggs

Gubble is a Microsoft Windows and PlayStation game developed by Actual Entertainment (Eric Ginner, Mark Robichek and Franz Lanzinger). The non-violent gameplay was a key aspect mentioned in the games promotional material. The game has a soundtrack of instrumental songs composed by Seppo Hurme (who also goes by Fleshbrain).
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Type gubble2cheats at the starting menu. A sound
will confirm correct code entry. Press one of the
following keys at the indicated screen to activate
the cheat function.
Note: Enabling cheats will remove scoring for the
current level.

Effect Screen Key

Delete all blocks
and barriers Map [F3]

Level skip Standing beside coin with
level name [Page Up]

Previous level Standing beside coin with
level name [Page Down]

Advance ten levels Standing beside coin with
level name [Home]

Return ten levels Standing beside coin with
level name [End]

Toggle invincibility Game play [F8]

Complete current
level Game play [F9]

Faster game Game play [Plus]

Slower game Game play [Minus]
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Gubble 2 free online.

Game description

Windows, Macintosh, PlayStation, iOS
Game Developer:
Actual Entertainment (Macintosh, Windows) Mud Duck Productions (PlayStation)
Game Publisher:
Actual Entertainment (Macintosh, Windows, iOS) Mud Duck Productions