Habbo Hotel PC Cheats

Habbo (previously known as Habbo Hotel) is a social networking service and online community aimed at teenagers. The website is owned and operated by Sulake, a Finnish corporation under the Azerion (de) network. The service began in 2000 and has expanded to include nine online communities (or "hotels"), with users in over 150 countries. As of August 2012, over 273 million avatars have been registered with an average 5 million unique visitors monthly. 90% of Habbo's users are between the age of 13 and 18.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
This is an internet game played with credits. I have found a way
to get credits with out paying for them- there very cheap in canada
or usa- ok all you gotta go isgo to the title screen after you logged
in then open your purse press [F5] or you can prefor this same action
be holding [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[e]
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