Homeworld Remastered Collection Cheat Codes, and Secrets on the PC

Homeworld is a real-time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra Studios on September 28, 1999, for Microsoft Windows. Set in space, the science fiction game follows the Kushan exiles of the planet Kharak after their home planet is destroyed by the Taiidan Empire in retaliation for developing hyperspace jump technology. The survivors journey with their spacecraft-constructing mothership to reclaim their ancient homeworld of Hiigara from the Taiidan, encountering a variety of pirates, mercenaries, traders, and rebels along the way. In each of the game's levels, the player gathers resources, builds a fleet, and uses it to destroy enemy ships and accomplish mission objectives. The player's fleet carries over between levels, and can travel in a fully three-dimensional space within each level rather than being limited to a two-dimensional plane.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
The following cheats are from the original Homeworld.
Some of them may or may not work in the remastered version -
you'll have to check to make sure. To use these cheats, add the code
(the number or word with the "/" at the start) to the shortcut parameters.
You can see those by right-clicking on the icon to see the properties.
If the "/" doesn't work, you can all try a dash "-" instead of the "/".

1024x768 resolution - /1024
1280x1024 resolution - /1280
16-bit color - /d16
1600x1200 resolution - /1600
24-bit color - /d24
32-bit color (more precise 24-bit) - /d32
640x400 resolution - /640
800x600 resolution - /800
Add subtitles - /closeCaptioned
Allow LAN play with any version - /forceLAN
Camera starts at (0,0,0) instead of the Mothership - /smCentreCamera
Debug mode - /debug
Disables bi-linear filtering - /noFilter
Disables bigfiles - /ignoreBigfiles
Disables captaincy log files - /captaincyLogOff
Disables computer players - /noCompPlayer
Disables front-end textures - /NoFETextures
Disables KNI - /disableKatmai
Disables minimize using Alt + Tab - /noMinimize
Disables mode 3 error - /nodebugInt
Disables movie sequences - /disableAVI
Disables network logging files - /logOff
Disables packed textures - /disablePacking
Disables pausing using Alt + Tab - /noPause
Disables perspective hints - /nohint
Disables polygon smoothing - /noSmooth
Disables retreat tactics - /noretreat
Disables sound effects - /noSound
Disables tactics - /notactics
Disables talking - /noSpeech
Disables textures - /nilTexture
Disables window border - /noBorder
Display game in window - /window
Enables captaincy log files - /captaincyLogOn
Enables dock lines - /dockLines
Enables gun lines - /gunLines
Enables network logging files - /logOn
Enables slow screen bits - /slowBlits
Enables verbose logging files - /logOnVerbose
Full screen mode (default) - /fullscreen
Gathers stats - /gatherStats
Generates stats log file - /statLogOn
Global memory heap size setter - /heap (int)
Harder computer opponents - /determCompPlayer
Light lines in debug mode - /lightLines
Logs AI - /aiplayerLog
Logs data files loaded - /logFileLoads
Make an int 3 when a sync error occurs - /intOnSync
Make bowties on ships - /boxes
NIS testing using nisFile - /testNIS
NIS testing using scriptFile - /testNISScript
No damage effects - /noShowDamage
No stars, asteroids, etc. - /noBG
Play a demo - /demoPlay
Play packet recordings - /packetPlay
Record a demo - /demoRecord
Record packets during multiplayer games - /packetRecord
Records packets and saves frequently - /debugSync
Resets rendering systems to default - /sw
Set path for opening files - /prepath x | path
Set path to CD-ROM - /CDpath x | path
Stipple alpha (renderer) - /stipple
Swap speaker output - /reverseStereo
Text feedback in game commands - /textFeedback
Use 24-bit color - /truecolor
Use direct sound driver - /dsound
Use Direct3D - /d3d
Use F11 to toggle free mouse movement - /freemouse
Use KNI - /forceKatmai
Use OpenGL - /gl
Use rGL device - /device (sw|fx|d3d)
Use waveout - /waveout
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Homeworld Remastered Collection free online.

Game description

Windows, macOS
Game Developer:
Relic Entertainment
Game Genre:
Real-time strategy
Game Mode:
Single-player, multiplayer
Game Publisher:
Sierra Studios