Hunting Unlimited 3 Cheats, Guide

Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
Edit config.cfg in your "//My Documents//Hunting Unlimited 3" directory.
Change the line below:

uset g_console "0"

to the following:

uset g_console "1"

Start the game, in either the menu system or the hunting mode,
hit the tilde Key [~], which is usually above your [Tab] key,
to open the Console. Then enter your codes:

cheat_animals - Unknown
g_sun - Unknown? Seems to allow you to change the colour of the
sun in the sky. (However, I see no difference)
g_set_fov - Set field of vision in degrees. (accepts 0-360) Be careful!!
Some numbers maybe cause strange game behavior. Try 170,
feels like a timewarp when you walk around.
g_set_time - Set time of date.
Syntax: g_set_time ##
Or: g_set_time ##.##
(First number is hours, accepts only 00-23)
(Last number is seconds, accepts only 00-99)
If you want 10:00pm, use: g_set_time 22
It's like military time.
Example, for 5:45pm, use: g_set_time 17.75
The last number is a percent of 60 seconds.
75% of 60 seconds equals 45seconds. Do the math.
gimme_tierz - Unlock all the tiers of the challenge mode
restart - Restart game//hunt

These need to be typed in the Game Console, which is off by default.
See the Installation info below.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets and system requirements for Hunting Unlimited 3 free online.