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when you playing type "gola rafed" and cheat mode is enable
ghazi - masab tank
sani - mustafa nagar
sami - shaheen nager
akram - mustafa nager
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PC/MS Windows,[nb 2] Mac OS X
Game Developer:
Free Lunch DesignDesigner(s)Johan PeitzArtist(s)Johan Peitz, Emanuel Garnheim[nb 1]Composer(s)Anders SvenssonEngineAllegroPlatform(s)PC/MS Windows,[nb 2] Mac OS XRelease EU: 2001-12-22 (see history)Genre(s)action game, platform gameMode(s)single-player Contents 1 Characters 2 Floors 3 High scores 4 History 4.1 Ports 5 Reception 5.1 Add-ons 6 Notes 7 References Characters[edit] Current characters: Amy Rose Bart Simpson Bass (Mega Man) Captain America Chester Cheetah Chun-Li Cyclops (Marvel Comics) Dixie Kong Doctor Eggman Donkey Kong (character) Eric Cartman Guybrush Threepwood Harry Potter (character) Haruhi Suzumiya Homer Simpson Hugo (franchise) Kenny McCormick Knuckles the Echidna Kyle Broflovski Lisa Simpson Marge Simpson Mario Mega Man (character) Mighty the Armadillo Neo (The Matrix) Old Man (The Legend of Zelda) Pikachu Pingu Proto Man Roll (Mega Man) Sailor Moon (character) Sailor Saturn Samurai Jack (character) Scooby-Doo (character) Shadow the Hedgehog Shrek (character) Sonic the Hedgehog (character) Spidey SpongeBob SquarePants (character) Stan Marsh Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog) Tick (comics) Toad (Nintendo) Waddle Dee Waddle Doo Wheelie Yogi Bear Floors[edit] The horizontal length of each floor depends on the player's progress, the version of the game, and a random factor. The floors's appearances change every 100 floors until floor 1000. Floors 0 - 99: Stone Floors 100 - 199: Ice Floors 200 - 299: Wood Floors 300 - 399: Metal Floors 400 - 499: Chewing gum Floors 500 - 599: Bone Floors 600 - 699: Vines Floors 700 - 799: Pipe Floors 800 - 899: Cloud Floors 900 - 999: Rainbow Floors 1000 and above: glass High scores[edit] Icy Tower records players's best results in built-in high-score tables. Scores are recorded in several categories including highest score, highest floor, and longest combo. Players may also publish their scores online high score lists. Online high-score lists may require players to provide game replays to verify their results. The official Icy Tower list resides on Free Lunch Design's web server. It is also possible to compare two players's performances using the so-called K+ method—a product of a sum of quotients where the divisors and dividends represent records of both players in a specific Icy Tower category. For example, the K+ value from Score, Floor and Combo is represented by the expression 100 [ S c o r e a S c o r e b + 2 ( F l o o r a F l o o r b ) + C o m b o a C o m b o b ] 4 {\displaystyle {\frac {100{\left[{\sqrt {\frac {Score_{a}}{Score_{b}}}}+2{\left({\frac {Floor_{a}}{Floor_{b}}}\right)}+{\frac {Combo_{a}}{Combo_{b}}}\right]}}{4}}} , where S c o r e {\displaystyle Score} , F l o o r {\displaystyle Floor} and C o m b o {\displaystyle Combo} stand for the highest score, highest floor, and longest combo, respectively ( a {\displaystyle a} and b {\displaystyle b} standing for the players being compared). The K+ mechanism is often used in online high-score lists.. History[edit] The history of Icy Tower releases 1st 1.0 EU: 2001-12-22 2nd 1.1 EU: 2002-01-11 3rd 1.2 EU: 2003-10-11 4th 1.2.1 EU: 2004-01-31 5th 1.3 EU: 2005-09-06 6th 1.3.1 EU: 2005-10-29 1.3.2 EU: Cancelled[nb 3] 7th ITM EU: 2008-10-06 8th 1.4 EU: 2009-06-03 9th ITFB EU: 2009-09-24 10th ITiP EU: 2010-11-12 11th 1.5 EU: 2011-01-31 Xjump, the game which inspired the makers of Icy Tower. Icy Tower 1.0. Icy Tower 1.4. Free Lunch Design created Icy Tower using the C programming language and the Allegro game library. Its designers were inspired by Xjump, a game for the Linux operating system. The game follows a sequence-based software versioning scheme. The current version is 1.5. Changes in the minor number denote the entire package of the game being changed, including its sound and graphic resources. Changes in the release number denote a release of a patch, i.e. a modified executable file to fix bugs in previous versions. Patches for Icy Tower are distributed inside and outside of official game packages. The makers of Icy Tower maintain contact with its players, whose opinions are taken into account in the course of the game's continuing developing. The list of the most significant changes made to it to date includes: Records file (1.1) An automatically generated and updated binary file that contained data about the player's records at a given time. It could be subsequently submitted to the then official online high score list.[citation needed] Replay files (1.2) Small binary files that contain the recording of a given Icy Tower game and the nickname of its maker. Replays are less prone to cheating by manually modifying them than were files used to store players' records in Icy Tower 1.1. Replay saving and viewing features were being improved concurrently with the entire program. For example, replays have since been made easier to sign (1.2.1) and rewind (1.3), as well as possible to sort by various criteria (1.3). It has also become possible to view a progress bar of their duration, their maker's nickname and the arrangement of keys pressed during their making when watching them (1.3) and to save them automatically whenever a player beats his personal record (1.4). Configurable keyboard settings (1.2) The possibility to personalise keyboard keys responsible for the character's movements in the tower. Since Icy Tower 1.3 it is also possible to customise the key pausing the game. Shortened floors (1.3) This change was introduced in order to make gameplay over the 1000th floor barrier more difficult. In Icy Tower versions prior to 1.3 a sufficiently skilled player was able to casually climb as much as several thousand floors, even at the fastest rate of the downward movement of the screen. This was undesirable, as replays from such games often lasted several minutes or more. Removal of the immaterial floors bug (1.3) This bug, known as the "ghost floor" bug, was a collision detection glitch that occasionally caused random floors in the tower not to stop the character falling onto them, usually ending the game as a result. It had only been occurring at the highest game speed and caused several players to quit playing altogether. It was the primary reason behind the making of Icy Tower 1.3. Its creators originally only intended to fix the bug in question in it,[6] release the new version as Icy Tower 1.2.2 and distribute it as a patch.[7] Player profiles (1.4) A concept of user accounts (profiles) was introduced in order to help several players play a single instance of the game. A profile contains certain publicly accessible data about the achievements of its owner (their average and best scores in the game, for example), as well as their personal game settings and preferences. The default profile is the so-called guest profile. Support for secondary categories (1.4) A possibility to manually change default game gravity and speed and default floors length was introduced (this change emulated – to a limited degree – features and options that were previously available for players only by the means of special trainers). Results achieved in the environment modified in such manner do not, however, affect the state of the built-in high score lists, which only register results recorded in default conditions. The categorial scope of the built-in lists was nevertheless expanded; since Icy Tower 1.4 they also register scores in categories formerly considered secondary (such as JS or CC). Measures against slowdown (1.4) Icy Tower 1.4 estimates the possibility that the player's computer was artificially slowed down and records results of this estimation in replay files. A standalone program named SDbuster (Slowdown Buster) was also created in 2007 to help detect slowed down replays, which calculates the possibility of a given replay being slowed down based on previously remembered differences between replays recorded in normal and reduced speed. Lesser changes include an audiovisual overhaul of the game (1.4, 1.5), the ability to choose the default floor type of the game (1.2) and the ability to create custom game characters (1.2). Four new combo rewards were also introduced: Super!, Fantastic!, Splendid! and No way!, and thresholds of combo length for certain rewards were increased (1.2). Ports[edit] Icy Tower Mobile[nb 4]Developer(s)Xendex Entertainment
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action game, platform game
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Hands–On MobileDesigner(s)Johan Peitz