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In Cold Blood is an adventure game developed by Revolution Software for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows in 2000 in Europe and in 2001 in North America. The player assumes the role of John Cord—an MI6 agent who is captured while on assignment and tries to figure out who betrayed him through a series of flashbacks.
Cheat codes, console commands, secrets:
All the ammo you want:
To get up to 255 bullet clip, bullet (in gun) and medpack,
hex-edit your save game at the position (in byte):
save_file_length - 59
There are three numbers that will match the amount of
bullets in gun, clips, and medpack. Edit this number
and save your file. The maximum is FF (255) since each
were stored in 1 byte.

There's another one. In address :
length - 357
you will see two byte (when health is full) 02 A0,
edit the A0 to F0 and you will be invincible (doesn't
work all the time, though)
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PlayStation, Microsoft Windows
Game Developer:
Revolution Software
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